Time to try this blogging thing out.

My profile says I’m “fresh out of college” but that’s technically not true. I’m currently in my second year of teaching after graduating from Robert Morris University in 2014. I “joined” the #mtbos on twitter in 2013 and frequent blogs such as Kate Nowak’s Function of Time and Sarah Hagan’s Math = Love. After one year in the classroom, I feel like I’m ready to give blogging a shot myself.

So now,  to introduce myself. My name is Rose Roberts, and I am a math teacher. I currently teach at Warhill High School (Go Lions!) in Williamsburg, VA. I grew up in Adrian, MI (Go Maples!) and went to college at RMU (Go Colonials!). Our school has a block schedule right now, meaning I teach 3 out of 4 blocks each day and the math classes are seen on both A and B days. Last year I taught two sections of year-long Algebra I with a collaborating teacher, and semester-long Geometry. I’m currently teaching the same things this year, but next semester I’ll be switching from semester-long Geometry to Algebra, Functions, and Data Analysis (AFDA, an optional precursor to Algebra II).

My biggest goals this year are:

  • have increased classroom management
  • involve students more in goal-setting and keeping track of their grades and achievement levels
  • expand concept-based grading from semester-long Geometry to AFDA (haven’t implemented it in year-long Algebra I yet, but that will be a goal next year if I am teaching it again)
  • have a higher Algebra I pass rate
  • blog once a week

As a end-note, we’re one month in to school and some of the new things I’m implementing are really trying my patience (and sometimes the patience of my students) but I have faith that by June it will all work out.


A high school math teacher trying to help her students find the world and find math through math.

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