This week we started our functions unit in Algebra I, and we spent the week discussing what a function is, how we can tell if something is a function, evaluating functions, and translating between and comparing multiple representations of functions. My students overall have ROCKED it. Completely crushed it. I had to find new materials for two days because they were way ahead of last year’s students on this topic.

I made a comment during lunch about this and one of the other teachers mentioned that functions was the 8th grade math SMART goal for last year. It made so much sense! They had focused more on functions last year, so they remembered and understood more than the previous year’s students. I’m hoping that the confidence many of them had from this past week, as well as the discussions about their answers, will continue into this week’s topics of domain and range, intercepts, and inverse functions. Only time will tell.


A high school math teacher trying to help her students find the world and find math through math.

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