Rounding Out The First Marking Period

Next week is the last full week of the first marking period, and here’s what I’ve thought so far.

  • I’m not sure that homework is helping any more than it did last year. I am going to start making sure I post answers to all assignments online and assigning mostly odd problems from the textbook¬†so students can check their solutions.
  • My Algebra I students overall have continued to rock functions. We still need to work on making sure they know the proper ways to write domain and range and not mixing up the x- and y-intercepts though.
  • There was not enough time to teach congruent triangles in Geometry. I needed more days for that unit.

Looking forward,

  • I can’t wait for a seating rearrangement at the end of the marking period. It’s my favorite arrangement that I’ve discovered thus far, and hopefully it will decrease the off-task conversations in two of my classes.
  • I have officially applied for my first grants! I applied for one on my own, and two more as a part of teams. I’m still going to be applying for one this week as well, so hopefully we’ll get all of them!
  • I still don’t know how I’m going to spend 6 week teaching about the equation of a line, so if anyone has really awesome suggestions please let me know.
  • After reading¬†this reddit post, I’m really interested in creating a similar environment for my classroom and it might be a major project of mine over the next summer. I’ve already determined some possible jobs: garbage/recycling people, calculator keepers, board cleaners, paper passer, banker…

I’m going to be posting pictures of our Algebra I INB pages from the first three units of the year soon!