Reflection Is So Hard To Model

Self-reflecting is an amazing ability and tool to have. It really is. I want students to be able to self-reflect and self-reflect well. I want to be able to self-reflect and self-reflect well. . But do we ever give our students the tools to do so? I’m not sure I can remember ever learning what it means to really self-reflect or strategies for how to do it. So this is one of the classroom management things I’m really going to work on next year (along with the cell phones).

I have a small group of students this year who seem to think that the classroom is their playground. About 4 students in my 1st and 4th block each. They have pushed each other into cabinets and desks. They have chased each other around. They have played catch with dry erase markers and other things. They shadowbox and stick each other in half-nelsons and headlocks. We’ve had discussions, they’ve had referrals and lunch detentions and individual conversations with the assistant principal, and parent contact has been made. And yet here we are, in May, still dealing with it. There are other behavioral issues occasionally, but this is by far and away the most common and most aggravating.

At training this weekend (influencing 3/4 posts so far… thanks DukeTIP!) we discussed how to create a behavioral agreement with students in the summer programs that just weren’t doing quite what they were supposed to be doing. We also discussed the SBI model for feedback – focus on the situation, behavior, and impact (this can be used positively and negatively!) So taking these things into account, I’ve created the document below. This is my first time using box so I hope it works how it’s supposed to…

Behavioral Reflection Sheet

I plan on hanging these on a clipboard right outside my door for when a student needs a break from the classroom. I’m hoping that giving them the time and space to cool down, as well as tools for self-reflection and potential improvement, will prevent repeated behaviors. Maybe I’ll step out and do one once in a while too.